Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Web Directions North

Well, it's official, I'm going to Web Directions North 2008. Last year I went to Web Directions South, and really enjoyed it, this year I was in Cyprus during Web Directions South, so I'll have to settle for Vancouver. It's a real pity because I would have loved to have heard Chris Wilson (IE Platform architect at Microsoft) presenting on Moving the web forward. I must say, he is a brave man as a lot of people in the crowd would not exactly have been Microsoft fans, and would blame IE's standards issues for making their jobs harder, but I think his slide deck, and his audio interview with Kevin Yank from Sitepoint, state the dilemma fairly well.

So what am I looking forward to at Web Directions North?

I decided that considering I am travelling so far for this conference, I should probably attend the workshops, so I've booked myself in for Transcending CSS, and Desgining really usable websites. As a developer I feel that one of my weaknesses is web design, and as such I think that these workshops will be hard, but rewarding.

As far as the conference sessions go, all of them sound really interesting, but I'll just highlight a few that I am really excited about. Being interested in security, the Ajax Security session is looking good, it will be interesting to see Silverlight and Adobe Air compared, given my background in PDA development, I am interested to see where Mobile Web Design & Development is going to go, and given the presenters (Dave Shae and John Allsop), Where's your web at should be very interesting indeed.


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  1. Really glad to see you're going to make it to Vancouver Scott! It's going to be an awesome week, and don't forget your skiing/boarding gear!