Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Speaking on Visual Studio 2008

I have become a big subscriber to the Chris Hewitt school of self education. I have been working with Chris at Readify for bout 3 years now, and I remember back when I first joined he told me "If you want to learn a new technology, simply book yourself in to do a presentation on it in 2 months time". It is so true, the fear of making a complete fool of yourself in front of your peers is ample encouragement to get yourself across any topic. I have done this a few times now with technologies like Ajax, Vista, and SQL Server. I am now doing it for Visual Studio 2008 which has just RTM'ed. I have been playing with the beta versions of VS2008 for a while now, and today I am now installing the RTM version. I am speaking at Victoria .Net SIG in December. There are about 5 speakers doing 20 minute segments on "What's new in Visual Studio 2008 ...",  I am doing "What's new in Visual Studio 2008 IDE".

Check the Victoria .Net SIG web site closer to the date for more details, both the date and place are still up in the air at the moment.

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