Saturday, August 12, 2006

Web Directions

On thursday night I went along to a Web Directions preview night where 2 of the speakers from the upcomming Web Directions conference Ben Barren from gnoos and John Allsop from westciv were giving previews of their presentatoins at the conference. It was a good night, I particularly enjoyed Johns talk on . This is a topic that I have been interested in for a while now, and may have more to say about it later.

Unlike other events I attend, where I know a fair few people, this event I only found one person I'd met before was Nigel Watson, an Architect Advisor from Microsoft. So it was good to make new contacts and expand my circle beyond the sphere of the Melbourne .Net developer and SQL Server sphere. I got to meet Cameron Adams whose book "The Javascript Anthology" I am currently half way through, and also met the people from westciv who write the best damn web standards online training courses in existance.

When I first heard about the web directions conference, I thought that as much as I'd love to go along, I probably wouldn't be able to attend given that I was already attending Tech Ed at the end of August, and I'd be pushing it a little if I asked my employer to pay for another conference and let me have the time off so close after Tech Ed. As the saying goes, "the best layed plans of mice and men gang aft aglay", there was a lucky door prize drawn at the end of the night, which was a free ticket to attend the Web Directions conference. Guess who won........ So now all I have to do is convince my employer to let me have a couple of days off to attend..... that shouldn't be too hard.

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  1. Anonymous9:44 am

    Glad you came along, glad you enjoyed it, and look forward to seeing you in Sydney in September - we'll wean you off yet :-)