Thursday, May 14, 2009

New phone, was happy, then… suddenly… not

A few days ago I was the happy owner of a new HTC Touch HD phone which I have been happily playing with. Sure it might not be as trendy as the iPhone, but I was pretty impressed. It has a 5 Megapixel camera, as well as a lower res camera for video conferencing. It has WM 6.1, plus HTC’s own Touch Flo home screen which gives you some of the iPhone look and feel that Windows Mobile is seriously missing. I was starting to really enjoy it, downloading all the applications I wanted on it, connecting it up to my WiFi network and watching You-Tube videos on it, etc… then it came time to change my SIM card. I opened the back, took the battery out, replaced the SIM card, replaced the battery, and then this.

Dead phone

The phone would not boot, the OS would not load. I tried 20 different things, changing the SIM card back, doing a soft reset, without SIM card etc… nothing helped. The only thing that did eventually fix the problem was a hard reset. This means wiping ALL your data. So I am currently trying to re-install all the software I had up and running. Not very happy, starting to loose confidence in the device, and starting to wonder whether I should’ve purchased an iPhone.


  1. Sorry to hear that you've had a similar experience to me with my HTC Touch Pro. To be honest between HTC and Expansys I feel totally ripped off and will probably never go near either of them again. To this day (5 months later) I still have a phone that's about as useful as a paper weight (

  2. Yeah, people are starting to get a little frustrated with WM. The ultimate irony here though is that the photo was taken with my old SP5 which I have had since early 2006 and hasn't missed a beat. It just goes to show it is possible to design stable hardware to run WM. Having said that MS have seriously lagged, and I think the biggest part of the reaction has been that since the iPhone came out people have had something to compare it to, and in this comparison, it is obvious who has the edge.