Sunday, August 13, 2006

Automatic updates + Automatic Reboots

Is it only me or does anyone else find this really frustrating.


I got this in the middle of reading my email this morning, and I really didn't want to reboot in 5 minutes. I would have quite hapoily rebooted in half an hour or so when I'd finished what I was doing. The fact that the restart later button was there but disabled just added to the insult.

I think from a layer 8 perspective, Microsoft need to be really careful when forcing reboots. If this happens too frequently, it may be frustrating enough that people actually turn Automatic Updates off, making their systems progressively less secure and vulnerable.

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  1. Andrew5:11 pm

    I now you can alter this via policy through SUS / WSUS, so I assume you can do the same through local policy on your box..

    Have a look in gpedit.msc under:

    Computer Config -> Admin Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Updates