Saturday, August 20, 2011

Long Time No Blog

For various reasons, I haven’t blogged much over the past few years, but now I feel inspired to get back into it. A lot has changed in my professional life since I last put pen to paper (or rather ascii to screen), but a lot still stays the same.

My last post “Enjoying my iPhone” is an indication of just how long it has been. I now use a Windows Phone 7 device, and I am really liking it. To me the iPhone UX was starting to feel a little stale, and while it was revolutionary for its time, I think MS have made a real challenge with their “metro themed” UX. Having said that, I still keep my old iPhone around just in case. My biggest gripe with my HTC HD7 is that it only has 16GB of memory (my iPhone 3GS had 32GB), and as such I can’t store my entire music collection on it.

The biggest news however, is that I no longer work for Readify. As much as I love Readify, and felt honoured working along side some of Australia’s and even the world’s best geeks, I got to a point where I really needed something different. I now work for an ISV called QSR International. They write an awesome piece of software for qualitative data research called NVivo that is used in universities and research institutes all around the world. I have been working with QSR since April this year, and so far really enjoying it. It’s partly the work that I have been doing with them that has inspired me to post a series of new blog articles on .Net performance tuning, so keep a look out for that.

In other non-geek related news, the inadequacies of the Melbourne public transport system have finally caused me to give up on my hippy car-free lifestyle, and join the masses who are forced to own a car… well almost.


I am now the proud owner of a Honda CBR 600 F4i (named Xena), and absolutely love her. Although I do still catch the bus a fair bit as I believe that it increases significantly my chances of surviving the journey.

Keep a eye out for my series on .Net performance tuning… coming soon… I promise.

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