Tuesday, June 19, 2007

.Net SIG Presentation Wrap up

Well, I must say I got a bit of a shock when I asked "How many people are using Vista as their primary development environment, and 4 people out of 50 put up their hands. Maybe it's just the Readify culture, but most of us at Readify are using Vista as our primary development environment, (some at Readify have been using it since before RTM), and I had expected that a significant proportion of Developers would by now be using Vista as their Development platform.


This surprise sparked a question. "Why is it that so few Developers are running Vista as their development platform?" I'm not suggesting that Vista will suit everyones needs, or that people should upgrade just for the sake of upgrading, but developers are generally NOT techno-phobes, and are usually fairly quick to adopt new technologies that increase their productivity, or even just for the novelty value.


I guess there are numerous reasons why this might be the case, but one that occurs to me is that the information required to set up your development environment on Windows Vista seems to be spread around various places on the web making it a significant research task to find all the details. There has also been some mis-information that has lead to confusion. This I feel I am in a position to rectify. As a resut I have decided to do a series of posts aimed at accumulating the best practices around setting up your development environment on Windows Vista.


As I promised in my presentation, here is a link to the slides from my presentation, however, I will over the next few days put together a series of posts that cover roughly the same concepts as in my presentation, but go a little bit more in-depth.

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