Sunday, December 03, 2006

Technorati and claiming your blog

I started playing around with Technorati the other day and decided to "Claim my blogs", just to see if anyone else was linking to me. I have two blogs, this one which is my geek blog, and another one that I reserve for my thoughts on politics/art/etc... anything that's not technology related. To my surprise I found quite a few people link to this blog, but to mt disappointment, found that I had absolutely NO links to my other blog. I guess that's no surprise really considering I have never been really active in promoting my other blog. So I thought I'd actually attempt to add some technorati goodness by putting in a shameless plug on my popular blog for my less popular blog.

Musings of a Morbid Mind.

No prizes for guessing that aliteration is one of my favourite literary devices.

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