Friday, February 24, 2006

Testing for developers from the Braider Tester

A blog that I read from time to time has some great resources for testers. The blog is called The Braidy Tester. You may ask why I a developer is reading such a blog, well, I am interested in the entire SDLC, and always like to know what's going on when I throw the next build over the fence to the testers, and also, I don't think it hurts developers to be aware of how to be better testers themselves for testing their own code changes. A fact which The Braidy tester appears to agree with given a recent article on Testing For Developers


  1. Hey Scott, thanks for the pointer to the resources for testers; I'm pretty much a one-man shop so I need all the help I can get on testing and WinForms. I'm also still trying (unsuccessfully) to get my head around unit testing...

    I look forward to reading more of your observations,

    Thomas Williams

  2. No problems thomas, if you're interested in unit testing, here is another one of my posts you'd be interested in I must get around to doing what I promised in the article and doing some samples.

    Also Mitch Denny has a fantastic post about coding for Testability