Saturday, January 14, 2006

New toy

Well, I'm now the proud new owner of an O2 XDA Atom.

I have been hanging out since my XDA II started playing up, but I wanted to hold out for a Windows Mobile 2005 device.

So far, mostly I have been impressed. I love the ability to switch between lanscape and portrait screen modes, I love the in-built wi-fi, I adore the tiny size (in comparisan to the XDAII) and it seems there have been some improvements to the predictive text which makes it easier to enter data into, but there are a few things I haven't been so impressed with.

Maybe it's just buggy early release software, but I have had three occasions so far where the phone has stopped responding to the on/off button. I have also not had any luck what so ever with the devices alarm. I have had almost a week now where it has not woken me up even though I have set it. My partner says I should read the manual, but I'm sorry, it goes against every rule of usability and good design if I have to read a manual in order to set the freakin alarm clock. I'm happy to read the manual for other more complex tasks, but not to set the alarm clock.

Anyway, I will persevere and hope a firmware update is close. I'm also hoping to get back into some Pocket PC Development, I'm really keen to put sql mobile and the new version of the .Net Compact Framework through their paces.

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