Sunday, August 21, 2005

More hassles

I can't believe what has happened over the past few days.
After my previous hassles, I patiently waited til Friday. According to my ISP's web site they would notify me on a designated phone number I provided when I filled out the online form requesting my change of phone line. I guess I was expecting an actual human (of some description) to call me and pleasantly inform me that I was once again connected to the information super highway, but why pay someone to talk when a simple automated SMS will do. OK I can handle the SMS, but what I find completely unacceptable is after my previous argument with them over them not divulging information to me because I wasn't the person who set up the phone line with Telstra, they have the ordacity to send an SMS with my user name and...... PASSWORD in plain text. I am seriously concerned now that they have no real idea about security.
To add further to my problems, I hadn't actually unpacked my ADSL modem from the move, and of course we've got boxes every where, so I spent most of Saturday trying to find my modem, and when I finally got it unpacked..... I couldn't get things working. I've been pretty busy this weekend looking at furniture for the new place so I haven't had a great deal of time, so I decided to wait til I came home tonight to go through all the different possibilities and test all my cabling etc.... before I call my ISP and spend 30 mins waiting in the phone queue to maybe find an answer. Well the good news is I didn't spend 30 mins in the queue, the bad news is that the reason for this was the call centre closed at 6pm. So til tomorrow after work, I'm still on dial up.

This is getting beyond a joke.

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