Saturday, June 25, 2005

Beta 2 woes

Well, it's been another interesting week at the bleeding edge of technology.

I discovered a problem with one of the third party controls we were using that caused events to fire in a different order to what we were expecting. This issue only occurred on my laptop, and just to prove it wasn't hardware, I ran it on a VPC on my laptop, and it worked as expected. After much searching and gnashing of teeth, I decided that a reformat was in order. As discussed earlier, I have had some issues with the upgrade from beta 1 to beta 2 of visual studio 2005, and figured that it could well be some framework issue, especially since the third party component used .net 1.0, and we were developing for .net 2.0 beta 2. I figured it would also give me the advantage of being the only one in the office with a completely clean install of visual studio 2005 beta 2.
So after half a day of re-installing my system, I finally am back to a place where I can develop. The biggest issue however is that I can't install nunit because the installer won't run unless it sees the .Net 2.0 framework beta 1. As I have mentioned earlier, I'm a bit of a unit test fanatic, and without it I feel crippled. My first thought was, grab the source and compile it under vs 2005 beta 2. No such luck, bits of it compile such as the core nunit framework, but not the actual nunit GUI.
Oh well, I guess I'll just keep limping along until the guys at nunit release a new version.

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